Our vision

Resource efficient biogas solutions are implemented in many new applications and contribute to a more sustainable energy supply, improved environmental conditions and good business


23 June, 2021

Biogas in a Million City

During the spring we have arranged three workshops within the short BRC project "Biogas in a million city". A report with the results from the... Read more

People in BRC

”Bringing together a broad spectrum of researchers, public organizations and actors within the biogas industry, BRC really lives up to its role as a competence center for biogas solutions. As such, BRC is an inspirational work environment, where we together create new knowledge and contribute to a more sustainable society.” - Marcus Gustafsson, Researcher - Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University

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BRC gives room for municipalities, regions, business sector and academia to jointly interact and the opportunity to co-create knowledge that gives us keys to a sustainable and fossil-free society." - Jannica Schelin, Norrköpings Kommun

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For us, it has been very rewarding and interesting to be involved with BRC in doing trace element tests at our biogas plant in Härnösand. As we are a very small organization with no previous knowledge in digestion in the company, the contact with the extremely competent and helpful people in BRC has been a great help because we have been able to optimize the biology in our digestion plant. It is great for us to be a part of this. ” - Rickard Olsson, HEMAB

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"Smarter solutions for making biofertilizer and sustainable fuels from waste and manure in Jönköping County." - Gunilla Nilsson, Energy Office Norra Småland - Region Jönköping County

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“For a doctoral student such as myself, BRC offers a great opportunity to find research questions, discuss ideas and co-create knowledge with many different societal actors and researchers from other academic disciplines. The myriad of perspectives present within BRC creates a fertile research environment where good ideas can be studied, discussed and disseminated all in the same environment.” - Axel Lindfors, PhD-student - Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University

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”BRC gathers an exciting group of actors who want to develop new knowledge about biogas solutions. Scientific disciplines range from political science to molecular biotechnology. Here are also biogas producers, regions, vehicle manufacturers and a garden company. This creates a dynamic environment with a lot of learning and co-production of knowledge outside traditional sectors. It is an amazing experience to take part in this.” - Mats Eklund, Professor - Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University -

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Part of the BRC's research addresses conditions for implementation of biogas solutions in different sectors of society and has an overall research question: "Under what conditions would biogas solutions expand in each sector?”