Our vision

Resource efficient biogas solutions are implemented in many new applications and contribute to a more sustainable energy supply, improved environmental conditions and good business


Research areas


This area aims to contribute to higher profitability in existing biogas plants and to allow the utilization of new substrates (in particular lignocellulosic) in biogas processes in different sectors. The focus is on characterizing the substrate which has not broken down in the anaerobic digestion process in order to identify different solutions to improve the hydrolysis stage in the anaerobic digestion to produce more biogas from the same amount of substrate.

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This research addresses the feasibility and resource efficiency of different types of biogas solutions. For example, Multi-Criteria Analysis methods have been established to support strategic decision making regarding biogas feedstock, to clarify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for different options. Further on, Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life-Cycle Costing (LCC) are used for studies of the economic and environmental performance of existing and future biogas systems. Identification of critical factors and uncertainty handling are important parts of these types of systems analyses, and probability distributions for different outcomes are important results.

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This area entails studying future markets for biogas through analysis of the visions which municipal and regional actors express. The dissemination of biogas solutions from the waste sector into new sectors is a necessary process if the potential is to be realized. The research focuses on actors, business strategies and open innovation.

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Research about biogas breakthrough

Part of the BRC's research addresses conditions for implementation of biogas solutions in different sectors of society and has an overall research question: "Under what conditions would biogas solutions expand in each sector?”