Welcome to the online BRC PhD-course Biogas solutions


Welcome to the BRC PhD-course Biogas solutions – starting in October 2020

 After a very successful course in 2019 with PhD students from BRC as well as Swedish and international universities together with participants from partners and members we would like to once more give the opportunity to take the course. The course aims to give a abroad understanding of biogas solutions, from process technology and biochemical processes to systems perspective, societal effects and implementation (see course info below).

 The main target group for the course is PhD students but also partners and members within BRC who have the possibility to participate in the many lectures given within the course (now online!).

 Please spread the word within your biogas network!

Are you interested in joining the course?

Contact: Madeleine Larsson, madeleine.larsson@liu.se 013-28 27 19 

Here can you find information about the course

Here you can find a schedule for the open lectures