The World’s best biogas system!

Together with SSAB and LRF, BRC has launched the project The World’s best biogas system with the aim of creating a vision for a biogas system in the region of Sörmland the year 2035. 13 BRC researchers and a handful regional actors are involved in the project. To support the vision the project will perform potential studies to estimate the biomass, biogas and biofertilizer potential in Sörmland and its neighbouring area. In addition, the project aims to identify and mobilize actors that can contribute to the implementation of the vision.

The background of the project is, in part, that Sweden has a large unexploited biogas potential in the agriculture sector. This potential can be found in manure and ley- and intermediate crops. In addition, SSAB will need large amounts of fossilfree gas for their fossilfree steel production. As such, the project will aim to meet this large demand for gas by exploring the potential and conditions for argiculture-based biogas production in Sörmland.

The project will also explore the increased biogas potential that new digestiontechnology, such as multi-step digestion and biological methanization may bring. Moreover, new innovations in other biogas areas will be studied, such as refining biofertilizer and new gas infrastructure solutions. Overall the project will mean an opportunity for a major breakthrough for biogas production in Sweden and can become an important step forward for a fossilfree industrial sector and a sustainable agriculture.

The project is led by Axel Lindfors (BRC), Anna Brunzell (BRC), Mats Eklund (BRC), Erik Erjeby (LRF) and Tomas Hirsch (SSAB) and runs during 2021. During the spring of 2021 the focus will be on estimations of the digestable biomass potential in Sörmland and the related biogas, biofertilier and carbon dioxide potential that can be extracted from this biomass. These potentials will form the basis for the construction of a vision that will include suggestions for where biogas facilities may be established and how logistical solutions can support the establishment of new facilities. During the fall, the focus will shift to identifying and mobilizing actors that can facilitate the implementation of the vision through workshops, meetings and informational gatherings.

BRC is also inviting is partners and members to join two forums during 2021 to discuss and give input to the project. The first forum is on the 22nd of April 13.00-16.00 and the second will happen in the middle of October.

Foto: MikaelSönne

Below you can find a list of important dates and preliminary results.

22 April, 13.00-16.00 Open forum about The World’s best biogas system! Register here.

Contact information:

Axel Lindfors, LiU, tel. 013-28 56 20

Mats Eklund, LiU, tel. 013-28 17 26

Erik Erjeby, LRF, tel. 010-18 44 249

Tomas Hirsch, SSAB, tel. +46243 72569