This area entails studying future markets for biogas through analysis of the visions which municipal and regional actors express. The dissemination of biogas solutions from the waste sector into new sectors is a necessary process if the potential is to be realized. The research focuses on actors, business strategies and open innovation.


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Biogas in the sustainable region – users and future visions

In order to attain greater understanding of the role of biogas for future sustainable development, a system perspective is required in which both supply and users are studied. While challenges on production and supply have had a large focus in such system analyses, the perspective on users and the role of users for the development of biogas has been missing. This project aims to investigate biogas development from a user perspective in a regional context. Obstacles and driving forces will be studied, as well as how biogas solutions are impacted by their specific socio-economic and political context and by institutional conditions.

Biogas in the paper and pulp industry

Producing biogas from the paper and pulp industry’s process waste water is technically a promising opportunity for increasing the production of biogas, and a potentially new business area for companies in the sector. However, in addition to the technical aspects, integrating biogas production in a part of an existing industrial process entails commercial and organizational challenges as well.

This project aims to analyze obstacles and driving forces for biogas production in the paper and pulp industry through case studies of the industry and potential partners. Questions which should be answered include which resources are required and how business models and strategies can develop in order to enable biogas production.