This area aims to contribute to higher profitability in existing biogas plants and to allow the utilization of new substrates (in particular lignocellulosic) in biogas processes in different sectors. The focus is on characterizing the substrate which has not broken down in the anaerobic digestion process in order to identify different solutions to improve the hydrolysis stage in the anaerobic digestion to produce more biogas from the same amount of substrate.



Improved hydrolysis for higher digestion of organic material

In many cases hydrolysis has been the speed-determining step during anaerobic digestion of complex polymers and previous studies have shown that complex, less accessible organic structures usually only break down partially. In order to attain more efficient anaerobic digestion of complex substrates, the hydrolysis needs to be optimized.

Initially this project aims to enhance knowledge of hydrolytic reactions and define under-utilized substrate fractions during anaerobic digestion by characterizing complex organic structures which remain in different biodigestate. Thereafter results from the chemical characterization will be used for laboratory studies with the aim of optimizing the hydrolysis and digestion of defined organic structures which are difficult to break down from a microbial perspective for different processes.