FO7 Internationalization of Swedish biogas solutions

The research area studies how other countries support the internationalization of their biogas sector (e.g. Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands) in order to identify good examples of activities and processes that support companies’ ambitions. The role of the Swedish existing export support system is studied to identify areas for improvement specifically for biogas solutions. Other research needs that have been identified concern the analysis of the conditions of different target markets with regard to, for example, policies and infrastructure and how “Swedish” solutions need to be adapted to be relevant in different markets. An important success factor for the area is how partnerships between different companies and other actors can be developed and supported. BRC’s role in the national context is to contribute with long-term partnerships and knowledge supply about international markets, effective support systems and more.

The customers of this research area are mainly those who do international business and the organizations at regional and national level that have the task of facilitating such.