FO5 The role of municipalities and regions in the development of sustainable biogas solutions

Within this research area we study how municipalities and regions primarily act in the development of biogas solutions – what role they have taken and how it has affected outcomes and effects. These organizations often conduct strategic work for the development of biogas solutions. Some actors take on more coordinating and facilitating roles than others. This is analysed to clarify differences in efficacy. Here is a clear link to research area 4, where local and regional case studies are conducted.

Biogas development is usually closely linked to regional innovation systems, as biogas solutions often have a strong regional dimension and connections between different regional infrastructure systems. BRC’s research in the area clarifies which factors primarily affect development regarding significant regional / local conditions. Different types of multi-criterion methods that contain both quantitative and qualitative dimensions are central. Furthermore, the purpose is to contribute to an increased understanding of how to connect biogas solutions with key goals such as Agenda 2030, Sweden’s environmental goals, goals for phasing out fossil fuels, relevant regional and local goals and contribute to how this work can be developed.

Methods for multi-criteria analysis may also be relevant for other research areas, where it is advantageous to have a broad analysis / evaluation of different systems and development paths. Therefore, this more method-oriented part of the research area is intended to be included in several areas / projects within BRC.