FO4 The role of biogas solutions for the bioeconomy

This research area focuses on how biogas solutions can be further developed in the forestry, agricultural and aquatic sectors either within each sector or through broader cross-sectoral regional collaboration.
Analyses and evaluations of identified potentials for production and use are carried out together with an analysis of selected technical, knowledge and organizational challenges. Cross-sectoral collaboration, organizational forms and business models are in focus for developing value-creating and resource-efficient biogas solutions in regions and cities. The research area’s main customers are the actors that are linked to the primary industries, including local and regional organizations and more.
The research is, among other things, historical / empirical with studies of conditions for implementation in cases both where biogas solutions have been developed and where initiated initiatives have not been implemented. In addition, prospective studies are carried out in collaboration between researchers and the other parties to the program, where the potential, market and conditions for implementation are studied in various geographically based cases in collaboration with locally and regionally based organizations. The research results contribute to in-depth knowledge of; (i) what are the characteristics of the different sectors in terms of specific effects and challenges of being part of a biogas solution, (ii) how large biogas potentials exist locally and regionally and how can this be studied across sectors, (iii) how companies and public organizations in various ways can facilitate the development of biogas solutions in mutual cooperation.