FO3 Resource-efficient value chains for biogas solutions

The biogas market is expected to grow as customers and suppliers increasingly demand products with better environmental performance. However, the performance and effects of biogas systems cannot be captured entirely with narrowly defined economic perspectives or by focusing only on one category of environmental impact, such as climate impact. The research area aims to influence how decision-making is produced and, in the long run, how the performance of biogas solutions is perceived by various societal actors.

Four related areas that partially overlap are included in this research area (i) Resource efficiency from a production and distribution perspective, (ii) Performance for biogas-driven transports, (iii) Market development and business strategies to better utilize the biogas solutions’ environmental performance (iv) and Perspectives on biogas solutions performance for better decision support.

The area contains an in-depth study of the environmental performance of transport solutions with biogas for different transport segments. The research questions include effects of scale, location, technology choice and more of particular relevance to producers / distributors. Multi-criteria analysis and socio-economic analyses are performed to describe resource efficiency as well as material and energy flow analyses. The broader socio-economic analyses are supplemented with business economic analyses.

The research area’s main customers are companies that produce and distribute biogas as well as industrial users who want to improve the environmental performance of their products with help of biogas solutions.


Strategic multi-criteria assessment of biogas solutions