FO1 Development and evaluation of anaerobic digestion processes

Results from previous research in BRC, among others, show that important research questions in process and technology area include pre-, intermediate and post-treatment of various types of organic material (especially materials rich in proteins and lignocellulosic) and optimization of nutrient balances. It is also important to increase the understanding of how the rate-limiting hydrolysis can be regulated and optimized for wet digestion and dry digestion, respectively (Figure 1). These areas are central to the further development of digestion processes and the realization of unused biogas potentials from existing and unused substrates.

Large-scale production of biogas has a great development potential both in terms of production per digest chamber volume and per kg of organic material in the substrates. Therefore, BRC’s operations within FO1 are also focused on increased degradation of specific substrates and substrate mixtures, on increased organic load and on improved process stability.

Research at the system level is an important complement to process- and technology-focused research to study how process and technology development is motivated from broadened system and cost perspectives. The process changes that contribute to resource-efficient and cost-effective digestion processes are examples of such an overall research question. The research area’s main actors and customers are technology suppliers and those who have digestion plants in the waste, sewage, agricultural, forestry and aquatic sectors.

Fig. 1. An overview of central research initiatives in process and technology development with the aim of further developing digestion processes with different process design.