BRC Phase 3: seven research areas

The research areas (FO) are the backbone of BRC’s activities, and they all aim to contribute to the program goals and outcomes. The focus of the program is on “Process and technology development” regarding the digestion of different types of substrates and the processing of digestate / biogas residues in different biogas applications. Since the vision includes the biogas solutions’ resource efficiency, expansion and actual utilization of process and technology development, the program covers different system levels. The research areas thus address everything from the anaerobic digestion processes, through value chains and cross-sectoral collaboration in bioeconomy to local and regional development as well as national and international policy.

BRC conducts research activities in the respective broad transdisciplinary research areas. In addition, knowledge is integrated, which leads to a new research front, the transdisciplinary integration of knowledge. The research areas mainly belong to one of two interfaces: between process / technology and the system level or between the system and society level. This means that the research that deals with process and technology development is carried out integrated with research on the performance of the studied systems. Societal research, which deals with actors and market and institutional conditions for biogas solutions, is also integrated with research on the performance and effects of the systems.