FO6 National and international biogas policy

This research area encompasses an overview of various current and potential policy measures to create good conditions for development of biogas solutions. These can include different types of economic instruments, quota obligations, mandatory legislation and more. For some of these possible measures, different scenarios for biogas development are developed in collaboration with various actors from industry. Comparative international studies are also used for the development of knowledge in the area with a focus on identifying the effects of various policy interventions. Strategies that reduce policy-related risks are also included in the research area.

The research work is divided into five parts:

  1. Inventory of current and possible policies, laws and regulations relevant to biogas development in Sweden.
  2. Inventory and comparative studies of policy frameworks and measures within the EU and selected countries in Europe.
  3. Comparative evaluation of different policies in Sweden and selected countries in Europe.
  4. Construction and analysis of scenarios based on selected measures and policy initiatives.
  5. Identification of strategies for reducing policy-related risks for various activities.

The main participants are industry and their organizations as well as regional and national public actors.