How green are renewable fuels?

BRC’s researchers have studied how the climate impact from different fuels is affected by the amount of electricity used in its production, and by how the electricity has been produced. This becomes very important if you analyze the climate impact of the fuel with a life-cycle perspective. Even if the emissions from a vehicle are small, or even zero, the climate impact may have been extensive when the electricity was produced.

– It is not enough to replace all cars with electric cars to have a sustainable transport system. How electricity is produced is just as important, but it is often forgotten. Ideally, you should also look at the electrical system first, before changing vehicles, says Marcus Gustafsson, associate professor and main author of the article.

The study compares the climate impact from a number of common energy carriers on three types of vehicles with slightly different driving cycles. In all the scenarios studied, biogas show the best outcome in terms of minimal negative climate effects – not electricity.

Read the full article about Marcus’ work here (in swedish)

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