Facts about biogas

Biogas solutions contribute to resource efficiency in several ways. The energy carrying biogas is a by-product of processes such as anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge, waste-water treatment from process industry, or generated as landfill gas. For the treatment of wet organic waste from the food industry and food waste from households, biogas is usually the most competitive option.

Biogas solutions includes a process in which organic material through anaerobic digestion is converted to methane, an energy carrier used for heating, electricity, cooking gas or fuel. The other major product is the digestate, the remaining organic material, which is a renewable alternative to commercial fertilizer.

Besides waste management, the production of energy and digestate biogas solutions also brings several other direct and indirect side effects. These solutions often have positive local and regional effects on the environment and the economy. Moreover, they allow for expansion of and contributes to increased profitability in several other sectors. In the longer perspective, biogas solutions are essential for the development of an innovative and sustainable bioeconomy.

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