Biogas in a Million City

During the spring we have arranged three workshops within the short BRC project “Biogas in a million city”. A report with the results from the project will be published in the beginning of the autumn.

Project leader Roozbeh Feiz gives us a brief overview of the results that will be presented.

The Biogas in a Million City project has provided a comprehensive view of the benefits of implementing biogas production based on the Nordic Model in a large city or region. Based on the availability of organic wastes in the city (or region) we have quantified and qualified four main types of benefits related to (1) producing and using biogas as a renewable fuel (2) producing and using digestate as renewable fertilizer and soil enhancer, (3) using anaerobic digestion to avoid poor waste management alternatives, and (4) other indirect and broader benefits for the city and region. Our priority is to provide simple and scientifically sound messages about the benefits of biogas solutions in a city so that interested actors can use them in their communication with their stakeholders, customers, and public relations.