Biogas Research Center´s biogas tour

During three days in May this year, BRC´s researchers and partners went on a biogas tour in south of Sweden. The group visited ten actors involed in biogas activities in Småland, Blekinge and Skåne. The main purpose of the trip was to learn from the places, people and organizations BRC visited, and gain more insight into how the local biogas systems are structured with ownership structure, substrates and markets.

Read the full story about the biogas tour below:

A biogas bus takes a tour

Biogas and fertiliser from fish sludge

Many advantages of dry digestion

Profitable collaboration – for farmers and the environment

Export of Swedish biogas technology

EUCBE 2017: Visit to Scandinavian Biogas plant in Södertörn

Organised in cooperation with the Biogas Research Centre (BRC), as part of the EffiSludge for LIFE project, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels offers a technical visit offers the EUBCE 2017 delegates to visit their facility located at Södertörn. The visit is a unique opportunity to discover, step-by-step, how waste can be turned into valuable products such as biogas and fertiliser.

Read more about the event here.

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