BRC’s daily activities are managed by the Manager, who ensures that the business complies with the program description, the Energy Agency’s and the Program Council’s intentions and that the decisions of LiU’s Vice Chancellor are followed. The manager is responsible for reporting to the Programme Council and the Energy Agency. A Management Group meets regularly and assists the Manager and is responsible for the coordination of research and planning of joint activities.

A Program Committee with representation from LiU (including the chairman), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), participating parties and the Energy Agency is appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Linköping University. The program committee leads the strategic work and monitors and audits operations based on the intentions of the program description. In connection with an annual review of the research focus and quality the Program Committee prioritize for the coming year research as a basis for the decision of LiU’s Vice Chancellor on project funding.

An international reference group assists the management team and the program committee by regularly assessing research activities and contributing to its development thus helping to ensure good efficiency and relevance both within Sweden and internationally.