Resource efficient biogas solutions are implemented in many new applications and contribute to a more sustainable energy supply, improved environmental conditions and good business


The aim of BRC is to create strong, national competencies leading to industrially and socially motivated research on and development of biogas solutions. Main emphasis is on process and technology, supplemented with systems research and social science for analyzing resource efficiency and social and business conditions as this knowledge is central for resource-efficient biogas solutions to be implemented.

Finansing and partners

BRC is financed to one third by the Swedish Energy Agency, to one third by Linköping University and SLU, and to one third by participating partners from business and society. Participants from business and society not only contributes financially but with considerable time and commitment. They take active part in research and can influence activities within the center and take results into commercial practice.

8 research groups at Linköping University, 3 at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Researchers within the BRC comes from eight different divisions at Linköping University: Biology, Energy Systems, Business Administration, Environmental Technology and Management, Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Change and Technology and social change, and three divisions at SLU: Department of Molecular SciencesDepartment of Biosystems and Technology och Department of Energy and Technology, Bioenergi. The Center is managed from Linköping University – read about our organisation here.

BRC’s phases

BRC is planned as a ten-year initiative in three phases. After each phase the initiative is evaluated and decision is taken on continuation in a next phase. Phase 1 started in 2012 and ended in 2014. Phase 2 began in December 2014 and was finished in November 2018. BRC´s phase 3 is in progress since December 2018 and will continue until November 2022.