We are BRC

”BRC is a unique research arena for the exchange of experiences and knowledge between different actors in society, together jointly develop and test new ideas for sustainable biogas solutions.”

Annika Björn, Researcher – TEMA Environmental Change, Linköping University

It is very exciting to contribute to BRC which is a unique mix of researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives for municipalities and regions. Together, we create added-value in the form of knowledge around innovative biogas solutions. As a researcher, it is fun to work within this mix of expertise!

Thomas Prade, Researcher – Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Alnarp

As a researcher within BRC I get a unique opportunity to co-create knowledge with key actors within and related to the biogas sector. It is very fruitful with this great mix of researchers within different disciplines and practitioners having experiences of many relevant contexts and areas.”

Jonas Ammenberg, Researcher – Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University

“BRC is a unique network where all members have different inputs but the same driving force - to create more sustainable biogas solutions in our society. Together we can reach far and Purac can contribute with its experience of running projects with the design and construction of biogas plants while we deepen and broaden our knowledge in other areas. ”

Johanna Norup – Purac AB

“The unique strength of biogas solutions lies in their ability to play multiple roles at the same time and to connect with the distinct parts of a regional bioeconomy. What makes BRC special, is the fact that it has been organizationally built around this unique strength of biogas solutions. All of the key roles that biogas solutions can play are represented in the network of organizations that participate in BRC and in the breadth and depth of the research that they jointly perform.”

Roozbeh Feiz, Researcher – Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University

”Within BRC, Academia and Industry creates value together. Being a researcher within BRC gives me the opportunity to combine my process knowledge with a systems perspective to contribute to even more sustainable biogas solutions.”

Madeleine Larsson, Researcher – Industriell Miljöteknik vid Linköpings universitet

Working in the BRC presents an interesting challenge for me. The challenge of combining the needs and interests of biogas companies and also the scientific knowledge gaps. Due to the active involvement of researchers and companies in the BRC, we have been able to reach a dynamic balance between the various interests and also learn a lot through the interactions between academia, industry and policy makers from around the world. Together we hope to contribute to the accelerated development of resource efficient biogas solutions internationally”.

Wisdom Kanda, Researcher – Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University 

“ Within the BRC there are possibilities to investigate and concretize the great values for the society that biogas includes and to network around these questions. For us as a municipality that is a good material for planning the future society from our possibilities, where points of contact exist in several fields of responsibility within the municipality.”

Caroline Kristensson – Linköping municipality

”One of many positive effects with Biogas Research Center (BRC) is that it has resulted in a knowledgeable business network for the involved professionals. With good and productive relations between partners, competitors and academia.”

Jan Moestedt – Tekniska verken i Linköping AB

"BRC enables research of high societal value, since the questions and projects are carefully developed by researchers from academia, industry, and society. It places the results in a broad perspective and leaves a real impact in the field."

Luka Safaric, Research Engineer – Dep. of Thematic Studies Environmental Change at Linköping University